2014 NVM and IVD Celebration: Launching of the Philippine Coalition on Volunteerism (PhilCV)

Organizations come together to change the face of volunteerism in the Philippines
Coalition established to enhance coordination, create an unprecedented knowledge and resource hub, and establish a Roadmap on Philippine Volunteerism.

25 November 2014. Manila - Recognizing the valuable role of volunteers and their impact on society, seven organizations that have been effectively mobilizing volunteers in the Philippines have come together to establish the Philippine Coalition on Volunteerism, Inc. (PhilCV), a consortium that aims to unify and synergize volunteering efforts in the country. 

With its network partners, PhilCV will advocate and influence policy on volunteerism.  “We intend to synergize efforts and establish an accessible hub of volunteering knowledge and resources,” said PhilCV chairperson Nix Hipolito. “Alongside creating vibrant partnerships, we intend to further strengthen volunteerism in the country.”
The coalition is being launched on December 5, which the United Nations has designated in 1985 as International Volunteer Day (IVD).  December has also been declared in 1998 by the Philippine government as National Volunteer Month (NVM).  IVD has become a venue for volunteers from all sectors to come together not only to celebrate and share their contributions to development at local, national and international levels but, more importantly, to further promote volunteerism.

With the support of the Australian Embassy, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV), the Association of Foundations (AF) and the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA), the seven founding organizations will launch PhilCV during the IVD and NVM celebrations at the Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila.

Adapting the global IVD theme “Make change happen: Volunteer!”, the whole-day event includes, aside from the PhilCV launch, Volunteer Talks (VoTalks) and the multi-sectoral Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) as input for the Roadmap on Philippine Volunteerism, a project being initiated by PhilCV.

The founding members of PhilCV – Associate Missionaries of the Assumption (AMA); International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE Philippines); KAISA Para sa Kaunlaran; Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation, Inc. (JVPFI); Miriam Institutional Network for Social Action (Miriam INSA); Volunteer Organization Information Coordination and Exchange (VOICE); and VSO Bahaginan – are inviting civil society organizations, university offices and corporate foundations with volunteering programs to join PhilCV and benefit from upcoming activities and course offerings to enhance volunteer management.
For more information, contact the PhilCV Secretariat at telephone numbers (632) 911-9792/913-7231 or email secretariat.philcv@gmail.com.


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