5th National Volunteer Summit: Celebrating a decade of linking volunteers

"Who among you have UNLI subscription? Those who do can send text message call or surf all we want! Unfortunately for us volunteers, we are not UNLI. We are limited. We have limited resources, limited time, limited capabilities, limited knowledge. Though we are limited human beings, we have an UNLI Creator who made us in His image and likeness, giving us a spark of divine intelligence and a free will. And with this dignity we will be able to transcend our limited condition. In volunteering, our limited nature is transformed into UNLI acts of generous self-giving, loving response to varying needs of our country in different circumstances from uplifting the ordinary day-to-day life of our people to responding to emergencies and calamities," said Annabelle Pizarro-Brown, founder of the volunteer-driven NGO Alalay sa Pamilya at Bayan Foundation, in her keynote speech at the recently-concluded 5th National Volunteer Summit (NVS) held at the Pe├▒afrancia Resort, barangay of Carolina, Naga City.

Participated in by volunteers and service-oriented students, and those the keynote speaker referred as "young, young-at-heart, and forever young" volunteers from Zambales to Zamboanga, the 5th NVS, convened by the Volunteer Organizations Information, Coordination and Exchange (VOICE) Network Inc., explored the emerging challenges, and presented best practices in volunteer engagement in the areas of education and community development, emergency/disaster preparedness, volunteer service innovation, volunteer management, among others. 


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