Gawad V

Gawad V

> Crediting voluntary best practice for national volunteering enhancement  
> Awarding volunteering best practices that articulate the best of Filipino values, culture 
  and traditions of Filipinos sense of self-giving, service for others.  
> Valuing the importance of volunteering act which resulted into affirmative efforts to all concerned.

> Document volunteering experience and engagements  
> Organize events/celebration to promote public awareness on the value of volunteering  
> Popularize publications or adaptation by other sectors

> A way to support the volunteer organizations’ efforts (what for) especially when the 
  work/drive of individual or team in organization is directed towards articulation of the 
  organization’s ethos and missions/goals and results in greater degree of good to the  
  organization as a whole and its stakeholders.  
> A form of giving value/importance to the tasks roles performed that clearly articulates  organization’s goals and core mission.  
> What is being recognized will encourage more similar good initiatives
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