In November 1997, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2001 as the International Year Volunteers (IYV).

The premise underlying IYV 2001 was that voluntary service makes an essential contribution in addressing problems in areas of social, economic, cultural, humanitarian and peace building. For this to happen, there was a need for greater recognition and facilitation of volunteer work, more vigorous promotion of voluntary service, and networks to facilitate a drawing upon – the “best practice” – of volunteers.

The year 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV) 2001. Opportunity exists for activities throughout the year that will showcase the diversity, breadth and depth of volunteering worldwide and offer the chance to mobilize many more volunteers and raise the profile of volunteering.

Philippine Goal:  10 Million Volunteer Hours

To recognize the contribution of Filipino volunteers for development in the country for the past years from 2007-2010.

The objective is to document volunteers’ contribution to development in time for the IYV+10 celebration on December 2011.

·   What are volunteers?
Volunteers are people who freely enlist for service. They are not an organic part of the organization (like paid staff) but contribute to the delivery of the project whether directly or indirectly. They are not paid a salary for their service, but may receive allowances (transportation/food/lodging, etc). The allowance does not exceed the minimum wage.

·     Who can submit the survey forms?
Organizations/individuals that engage volunteers for social and economic development programs can register the volunteer hours of their volunteers. It is those that organize the volunteers to be sent out (to other groups of for their own social development organization) that should answer the survey, not the beneficiaries or recipients of the volunteers
These organizations/individuals may (or many not necessary be) members of the partners of the study, who vouch for the organization/individual. Partners of the study include: PAVE, PNVSCA, LCF, PCNC, VSO, VOICE, CEAP, CWL, Red Cross, Girl Scouts, Intel, PHILDRRA, VISNET, PHILSSA, CODE-NGO,  etc. (final list of partners can be checked in the website). Partners of the study can opt to submit one form summarizing the activities of their members or give PAVE access to their members by endorsing Philippine Association for Volunteer Efforts, Inc. as the takers of the survey.

·     Can foreign volunteers be included
Volunteers must be Filipino citizens and the volunteering done must be within the Philippines

·     Who are NOT eligible to be counted as volunteers for this survey?
o    Volunteers for political campaigns (must be for social development programs)
o    NSTP – this is mandatory and is not considered volunteering

·     What is the benefit to be part of this study?
o    present a certificate of the recognition of its official total of registered volunteers’ contribution for 2007-2010;
o    be acknowledged in all written or broadcasted publicity of  PAVE’s Project 10 Million; and,
o    be entitled to a one (1) copy of the Project 10 Million Volunteer Hours Report.

·   Who is undertaking this study?
PAVE is the lead organization undertaking the survey of volunteer hours for the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and in cooperation with the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA).

Download 10M Volunteer Hours FORM

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