What We Do

As a network, VOICE is keen on sustaining linkages between volunteer organizations and volunteer service programs in the Philippines . Working with and through clusters, it values the participation and ‘voice' of every member. The LinkAGE program provides an avenue to listen to volunteer concerns and device ways to address them. Activities include regular meetings, fora, capability-building seminars and workshops, and volunteer sharing sessions.

Sharing of information and advocating volunteerism is a major thrust of VOICE. Acting as a hub, it facilitates the exchange of information and resources among network members and partners. Materials are gathered to enhance the database on volunteerism. Access to the resource center, directories, newsletters, websites, publications, audio-visual presentations of volunteer organizations foster a stimulating environment for sustaining the cause of volunteerism.

Lessons are best learned through experience. The BalikBayanihan or Volunteer Exchange Program provides an opportunity for volunteers to learn the ways of fellow volunteers in other areas and regions. Through study tours, volunteers get actual glimpses of the nature of volunteer work in other volunteer organizations. VOICE also seeks to assist returned Filipino volunteers from abroad who want to pursue volunteer work in the Philippines by linking them to designated volunteer organizations.

VOICE member organizations make up the volunteer network. Tapping volunteer advocates from various areas and sectors and encouraging them to be part of the team is vital in sustaining volunteerism in the country. A creative and efficient membership committee enables an inviting atmosphere to work towards a common goal amidst diversity.

National Volunteers Summit
The National Volunteers Summit is the biggest gathering of volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteer advocates across the Philippines . Conferences, workshops, exhibits, sharing sessions and study tours are simultaneously done to share knowledge, experience and trends in volunteerism.

Resource Generation
The varied programs and activities of VOICE Network could be sustained through a resource generation scheme that would support the operations and implementation of volunteer projects. The National Office aids the members to look for funding opportunities and write proposals for possible program partnerships, both local and international.


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